Maximize your material yield with the powerful AutoNEST® nesting software. Save time and resources in generating cutting programs and optimizing material. AutoNEST® takes the guess work out of placing your parts on your material. This add on to Router-CIM gives you a completely automated solution to go from individual parts to a fully programmed nest. Take your Nested Based Manufacturing to the next level by combining AutoNEST® with Router-CIM Automation Suite.

Advanced Nesting Module

CIM-Tech’s Router-CIM Advanced Nesting Module now includes more productivity solutions from the leaders in CAD/CAM software then ever before. Router-CIM’s Advanced Nesting Module is integrated with AutoCAD ® giving you powerful tools in a completely automated environment. With our Automated Two-Sided Nesting, Stay Down Nesting, Common Line Nesting, Cart Control Nesting and Multiple Stock Control Nesting, CIM-Tech has given you the power to increase productivity while decreasing your amount of work. (Requires AutoNest)